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Every second counts while doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and the effectiveness of compressions can save lives. The Beatlife CPRmeter becomes a valuable companion in this situation. We will dive into the world of CPR, clarify the vital role the CPRmeter device plays in enhancing CPR effectiveness, address common questions, and highlight special features that make our CPRmeter stand out from the competition in this extensive guide so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Comprehending CPR and Its Functions

When a person’s breathing or heartbeat stops, CPR is an emergency medical treatment used to keep oxygenated blood flowing to the affected area. In order to manually pump the heart, it entails regular chest compressions and mechanical ventilation to supply oxygen to the lungs. The purpose of the CPRmeter is to help those who have never performed CPR before, as well as experts, do effective chest compressions.

The simplicity of the Beatlife CPRmeter is one of its main distinguishing characteristics. The gadget is always ready for use because it is small, lightweight, and runs on widely available AAA batteries. Even those without official training in CPR can perform it with effectiveness. It offers immediate input on depth, compression rate, and other vital details required for effective CPR.

Key Features that Set CPRmeter Apart

With the Beatlife CPRmeter, you can perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) more easily and effectively, saving more lives overall. Our CPRmeter provides a variety of sophisticated functionality that guarantee precise and effective CPR administration, even for individuals lacking CPR expertise. Let’s explore these special qualities that make the Beatlife CPRmeter the best option for both medical professionals and onlookers.

Real-time Feedback for Precision CPR

The Beatlife CPRmeter stands apart thanks to its real-time feedback system, which provides you with a thorough evaluation of your CPR technique. It continually measures the depth and compression rate, giving you instant feedback on how well your chest compressions are performing. The amazing error rate of only ±1 millimeter, which enables you to adjust your compressions in real-time to make sure you’re providing the best treatment possible, is what sets this function apart. This real-time feedback system makes it possible to do accurate, life-saving CPR, which makes it a vital tool for both laypeople and qualified medical professionals.

BEATLIFE cprmeter

Bluetooth Connectivity and Mobile Application

The CPRmeter is outfitted with Bluetooth connectivity, which facilitates its ability to establish a connection with your mobile device using our CPRmeter application. For anyone who could find themselves in CPR scenarios, first responders, and healthcare professionals in general, this function offers up a world of possibilities, making the CPRmeter a valuable instrument. You may get up-to-date information on how well you’re doing CPR right on your phone by downloading our mobile application. Additionally, the gadget keeps account of your past CPR sessions, allowing you to monitor your development, evaluate your performance, and use this information for a variety of objectives, such as medical certification and training.

Error-proofing the battery to ensure hassle-free operation

Concerned that you could put the batteries in incorrectly by accident? You may relax knowing that the Beatlife CPRmeter will take care of everything. This cutting-edge gadget has a special function that guards against improper battery insertion. In the unlikely event that you put the batteries in the wrong way, the gadget is unaffected. This design makes sure you won’t have to worry about battery problems, even in high-pressure and time-sensitive scenarios. The Beatlife CPRmeter stands out for its user-friendly design and meticulous attention to detail.

Flexible Usage in Any Situation

The Beatlife CPRmeter is made to fit a variety of situations, so you’ll always be prepared to do CPR. The CPRmeter is your trusted companion whether you’re moving or sitting, inside or outside. The gadget is perfect for use in ambulances or when transferring a sufferer to the hospital because it functions flawlessly even when you’re moving. Its 1-meter-waterproof design also guarantees that it works perfectly in damp situations, such as beaches, pools, and different weather conditions. This powerful gadget is designed to perform well in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Visual Depth Indicator for Accurate Compressions

The Beatlife CPRmeter is designed to assist you in precisely compressing a victim to the necessary 5-centimeter (2 inches) depth for successful CPR. A visible depth indication on the device gives you instant visual signals to help you steer your compressions depth. The CPRmeter shows a green bar when that shows the exact compressions depth when you are performing CPR, meaning that your rate is within the permitted range. If you are going to compress too deeply or too shallowly, the gadget will alert you if you stray from this depth. With the help of this visual cue, you may be confident that your CPR efforts are precise and in line with the industry standards set by medical experts.

Visual rate indicator for accurate rhythm

BEATLIFE CPRmeter will incorporate a Visual Rate Indicator designed to enhance rhythm accuracy during CPR procedures. This innovative addition includes a speedometer with a dynamic indicator that visually represents the compression rate.

When the compression rate falls below the optimal range, the indicator shifts to the left, similar to the display on a car amp, signaling that adjustments need to be made to achieve the recommended rate. Conversely, if the compression rate exceeds the optimal range, the indicator moves to the right, providing a clear visual cue that the rate is too fast and prompting the CPR performer to moderate their efforts.

For compression rates within the normal range, specifically between 120 and 150 compressions per minute, the indicator remains centered in the middle part or green zone. This serves as a visual affirmation, indicating that the CPR performer is maintaining the appropriate rhythm for effective resuscitation efforts. The Visual Rate Indicator thus offers an additional layer of precision and feedback, ensuring that the compression rate aligns with the recommended guidelines for optimal CPR performance.

The Eighth Minute: Introducing CPR Devices

CPR counter

In the latest enhancement to the device, a CPR counter feature has been introduced to provide real-time feedback and guidance to the performer. The visual counter dynamically tracks the number of chest compressions performed during resuscitation efforts.

As the performer progresses through the chest compressions, a significant visual cue comes into play. When the compression count reaches 25, the displayed number becomes bold and solid, serving as a clear indicator to the performer that they are approaching the point where they need to momentarily pause compressions and transition to rescue breathing.

Upon reaching 30 compressions, a symbol representing lungs appears on the monitor. This serves as a reminder to the performer to initiate the rescue breathing component of CPR. The introduction of these visual cues not only enhances the precision of the resuscitation process but also acts as a supportive tool for performers, ensuring they stay on track and adhere to the recommended compression-to-ventilation ratio.

Disposable Hygiene Pad for Uncompromised Cleanliness and victims’ safety

Experience Uncompromised Cleanliness with the Beatlife CPRmeter’s innovative removable hygiene pad. This unique feature is a crucial element of the device, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness during CPR procedures. The disposable pad, designed as an adhesive, not only eliminates the risk of cross-contamination or hygienic concerns but also plays a pivotal role in preventing device slippage during CPR.

The Beatlife CPRmeter utilizes this adhesive pad to securely attach to both the device itself and the victim’s body. This adhesive quality is not just about hygiene; it serves a dual purpose by preventing the device from sliding off the victim’s body during CPR. This is essential because any slippage could redirect compression forces away from the sternum, potentially leading to ribs fractures and compromising the effectiveness of the life-saving procedure.

By incorporating this adhesive hygiene pad, Beatlife goes beyond ensuring the success of CPR attempts – it prioritizes the safety and well-being of both the rescuer and the victim. The design innovation not only upholds the highest standards of cleanliness but also enhances the precision and targeted application of compressions, minimizing the risk of unintended injuries. Beatlife is committed to providing a CPR solution that combines efficacy, care, and hygiene for a truly reliable and responsible life-saving experience.

Ergonomic design for Adult Use with Precise Placement

Designed with adult users in mind, the Beatlife CPRmeter boasts an ergonomic design that ensures precise placement for optimal effectiveness. Specifically optimized for individuals aged 8 and older, this device is strategically positioned on the sternum to guarantee accurate compressions. The careful placement aligns your hand correctly with the compression area, making it easier to administer CPR accurately and efficiently.

What sets the Beatlife CPRmeter apart is the curvature of the device’s back, causing it to snugly fit onto the chest with an ergonomic body shape. This distinctive feature distinguishes our product from others in its category. Additionally, the silicone rubber pad incorporated into the design adds a layer of comfort for the user. The pad is soft and flexible, ensuring that the hand of the person performing CPR is not subjected to any discomfort or harm during the life-saving process.

These thoughtful design considerations, including the ergonomic body shape and the soft silicone rubber pad, collectively make the Beatlife CPRmeter an invaluable tool for life-saving practices. With its careful optimization for adult use and attention to detail, this device stands out as a reliable and user-friendly solution for administering accurate and efficient CPR.

Audio alarm and buzzer

The device possesses a distinctive feature: an audio alarm that proves invaluable during CPR procedures. After a 30-second period following the discontinuation of CPR, the gadget will persistently emit a buzzing sound. This serves as a crucial reminder to the CPR performer, ensuring that the resuscitation efforts are maintained consistently.

In unforeseen circumstances, such as instances where the CPR performer may be unable to focus on the monitor after a prolonged period (e.g., 30 minutes) like the situation of fire or mine accident where the smoke or soot do not allow the clear vision, the device’s unique audio alarm feature comes into play. To aid the performer in maintaining the correct rhythm for CPR, the alarm hums a tune, akin to the iconic Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” song. This auditory cue acts as a helpful guide, ensuring that the performer stays on track with the appropriate CPR rhythm, even in situations where visual monitoring becomes challenging due to unexpected events. You can turn off these features in case the noise distracts you.

Post-CPR Evaluation and Analysis

Following CPR, you may choose to evaluate your performance, pinpoint areas in need of development, or maintain a log of your efforts for different reasons. These demands are satisfied by the Beatlife CPRmeter, which has a useful post-CPR evaluation function. During this post-CPR evaluation phase, you may concentrate on the patient’s state and make sure that your CPR efforts are continuously assessed.

Frequently asked questions

What Is a CPRmeter?

A CPRmeter is a handheld gadget made to give immediate feedback when performing CPR. It guarantees the best possible chest compressions, even for those who have never received CPR instruction

How Does CPRmeter Work?

CPRmeter ensures that you do chest compressions effectively by providing visible and intuitive assistance, along with feedback on compression rate and depth.

Does the CPRmeter Work While You’re Moving?

The CPRmeter is a portable gadget that works well even while you’re moving, giving you the resources you need to handle crises anyplace.

Is It Possible for the CPRmeter to Work in the Rain and Bad Weather?

The CPRmeter is made to work well in a variety of weather circumstances, including rain and bad weather.

Is it possible to get the CPR information even after turning off the device?

Yes, the CPR feedback device that we produce keeps a record of up to 10 previous CPR performances that you have conducted, so you can use the data to analyze your performance.

Why choose BEATLIFE CPRmeter?

When it comes to choosing a CPR feedback device, the Beatlife CPRmeter offers several distinct advantages:

Ease of Use: Beatlife CPRmeter is designed to be user-friendly. It’s ideal for trained professionals and laypersons, making it accessible to anyone who might find themselves in a CPR situation.

Compact and Portable: The device’s compact design, powered by AAA batteries, ensures that it’s always ready for use, even in mobile or outdoor situations.

Visual Guidance: The visual depth indicator provides clear, real-time feedback, minimizing errors and ensuring high-quality CPR.

Hygiene: The inclusion of a disposable pad ensures the highest level of hygiene, making the device suitable for professional healthcare settings.

How to buy a CPRmeter?

You can order CPRmeter with only a few clicks when you visit our user-friendly order page. The CPRmeter price may change based on the particular features you select, taking into account the wide range of user demands. Our selection of CPRmeter models guarantees that there is a perfect match for you, whether you’re a healthcare professional looking for a trusted instrument for crucial patient care or a CPR enthusiast looking to hone your lifesaving abilities.

Most Beatlife CPRmeters are priced at about $2000 (USD); therefore, in general, they are within an attainable price range. This price is indicative of the outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology, and—above all—the ability to save lives. To buy CPRmeter means investing in superior CPR performance, faster reaction times, and, ultimately, better results for patients. With our simple and transparent buying procedure, you may choose the CPRmeter that best suits your requirements and goals and become a part of the expanding community committed to raising the standard for CPR practice.


In summary, regardless of your degree of training or the circumstances, the Beatlife CPRmeter is the best tool to make sure you’re doing CPR correctly. It makes things easier, provides instant feedback, and helps with post-CPR evaluation and analysis. Your CPR abilities are elevated by the Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone application, which let you track and enhance your performance for both personal and professional growth. Its robust and adaptable design guarantees dependable operation in a range of settings and circumstances. The Beatlife CPRmeter can save lives when used for CPR, making it a vital instrument.

Researchers who have played a role in the development of the device

Dr Jamshidi Mohammad Reza

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